Bent Words

Bent Words

March 02, 2006

ATTENTION: All Broadband Users

I am currently conducting a poll regarding the online movie rental service, Movielink.

If ever you have USED Movielink to download a movie or KNOW someone who has, please, please, PLEASE take a moment to answer the questions listed below (or nab the person you know who has used it and force them to answer these questions - heh). If you really love me and have never used Movielink, please visit, download the free software, rent one of their FREE SAMPLES and let me know how it went. You can delete it all when you're done, if you wish, but I could really use the help right now for an article I'm writing. I have enough people that have opinions about Movielink but NONE who have actually used it!

Thank you all so very much. Your prize for participating is the satisfaction of knowing that I will receive an A paper and that you were a part of making me the famous maniac that I will someday be...

1. How easy was it for your to get a movie you wanted (overall ease and use of website)?

2. What do you think of the quality and download time of the movies?

3. Movielink has been around for three years now and is the only ONLINE renter service out there, but perhaps it could be better. Any suggestions on how they could improve their services?

4. Movielink offers New Releases, Old Classics and Family section. Do you think the variety and selection are good?

5. Movielink offers discounts for college students and those enrolled in the military. They also feature weekly discounts for all patrons which greatly rivals such companies as BlockBuster and NetFlix. Is it worth the switch from Netflix or Blockbuster to Movielink?

6. Any general thoughts, feelings or rants about Movielink that you'd like to mention?? GO NUTS!

My article is due on Tuesday. If you have some spare time this weekend, I would genuinely appreciate the effort! You can e mail with your response at or you can leave your comments on my link here. All commentary should be accompanied by your real, full name, an e mail address, an age (optional) and general location. Don't worry, no one is going to e mail you to verify anything -- just a precaution. Not to mention that it would be great for me to get back to you with more questions if I have all of this information.

Tell your friends! Bring me some love, here!

Thank you!

Written at 4:10 p.m.