Bent Words

Bent Words

November 08, 2022

I hold him now, sleeping, in my arms. The soreness of my neck and shoulders melting into adoration as I hold him to me. He makes the same sounds as when he was brand new; the little heave of his chest twice into a long sigh, settling into sleep. Still my Baby Boo at nearly three.

Three in January!!


I wanted to share this moment so badly but couldn’t think who I wanted to share it with here at home…

This little life. This little man. His tiny shoulder, his chubby cheek, his warm body still seeking comfort next to mine.

Today I had to get him tested for COVID as his older sister tested positive. They cannot take him back to daycare (despite being negative) for five days. I leave him in my bedroom to nap and return to work only to find him an hour later playing with a rifle left under our bed.

It’s not loaded so no one cares. You stupid Democrat!

“Don’t vote for him, Mom! He’s not a Republican!” As I mark my ballot without privacy.

To the gay women who don’t believe in God “They’re fucking lunatics!”

Because Santa makes more sense than science.

Can you really not see both sides? Nope. Independent idiot.

Forego your opinions. Forget your thoughts. Leave emotion at the door. You don’t get a tally unless it’s in line with someone else’s. And where are your FACTS?

Who am I?

Truly doesn’t matter.

Written at 9:19 p.m.