Bent Words

Bent Words

October 15, 2016

These are the moments I miss you...

One song on the radio does it to me

Thinking back to that feeling I hadn't felt before
Without a moment's hesitation
Without mercy
Bringing back these memories

And I can recall as clear as day
That determined look in your eyes
Willing me to come closer
Trying like mad to push me away

What we knew must be wrong
Never felt more right
The force of a greater power
Leading us through the night

And when I look back now
That love was wilder than the wind
For we never knew it was coming
Or if it would ever end

And that's about when I start to miss you
Before the AMA was the DMG
And we kept the same circle of company
When 05 was faster than you
(And not everyone was faster than me)

When I can't just stroll up the concrete ramp
To raise a beer up high
Recalling all the memories
Of that angel racing in the sky

That's when I miss you most

When I need someone to understand
To know the faces with each name
When I need to tell my stories
Now, it's just not the same

I'm falling faster and further
Away from those glory days
The people, the places, the feelings
We're all going in separate ways

The voices fade, the wind is calm
And we've done everything right
Still it's hard to watch that loud laughter fall
Into a silent night

Yeah we got drunk on La Cienega Boulevard
Taking pictures of people we thought were stars
It's easy to give in to your heart
When you're drunk on La Cienega Boulevard
When the song comin' out of the speakers
Was the band that you had on your t-shirt
We were screamin' cause all the streets were empty
And you kissed me, and we were

Up all night and we were feelin' so good
Yeah, we got a little higher than we probably should
We were in a hotel singin' in the hallway lights
We were strikin' the matches right down to the ashes
Setting the world on fire, setting the world on fire

Wrote I love you in lipstick on the mirror
We were shoutin' out the window, like they could hear us at the pier
Said "Do you think we'll live forever?"
As we killed another beer
And you wrote I love you in lipstick on the mirror

We were laughin' until we were breathless
Never felt anything so reckless, we were all lit up and restless
And coming alive and we were

Written at 9:50 a.m.