Bent Words

Bent Words

July 05, 2007

The Man Across Campus

Your silvered hair rested on broad shoulders
Your darkened brow hung over piercing eyes
Never looking forward but rather down
Upon the walk of your lengthened strides

Your lips curled up for a single moment
Your politeness for a student passing by
But your mind wavered on other things
Which only your heart could testify

And with the decades you have hardened
An eroded stone, still massive, from far away
Youíve lost the resistance to want for more
Than persistent offerings of death and decay

Your entire frame dripped over your work
Your pen hovered over blackened words
Angry flames licking at your equaled insides
Discerning that only reality is completely absurd

Your weathered hands still reach out strong
Your maniacal mind abandoned of sleep
Never knowing that what you long for
Is only yours if itís what you choose to keep

And youíve grasped at what you were given
Twisting and turning each careless fold
Disappointed that you could never make her
Wantingly, willingly, into your aberrant mold

Your deferent dismissal smoothly swallowed
Your golden opportunities easily set aside
Never looking forward but rather down
Upon the walk of your merciless strides

Written at 11:15 p.m.