Bent Words

Bent Words

May 12, 2007

Was I dreaming?

Was it all a dream?

The way you once heard me. How you waited for my words, listened for my cue, how you couldn’t wait to see me.

Or was it all – love – just a joke?

Was I just a moment to be ended once the light faded from your eyes? Was I a weak moment that couldn’t handle your surprise?

Was the water to high?
Was I too rough on the eyes?

I just wanted to walk with you. I wanted to stand by your side, right on through this short ride. I just wanted to hold your hand in mine. Fade away as one until darkness became light. I just wanted for you to understand.

So what went wrong? Was I dreaming? ‘Cause you gave up too soon. Like you never expected strife. Like you never anticipated the passages of life.

You gave me everything, only to walk away. You promised you would but you knew you couldn’t stay. And now I’m trying to figure out who I am without you. Now I’m trying to forget the life, the lessons, the truth you had me holding onto.

One day I’ll teach the world that there’s hope after the devastation of the storm. There’s more to life than what we’ve been waiting for. And sometimes you have to give in if you just want a little more…

Written at 11:48 p.m.