Bent Words

Bent Words

October 26, 2022

What longer love has filled my soul
Like familiar pathways
From a childhood home

The scent still lingers
The sounds still rush
My skin still reacts to the wind’s gentle touch

As though no barriers were clearly marked
I saw straight through them
With a focused heart

Though I may have paused, I never thought to work out why
For all these years!
What has kept you nigh?

Magnetized, bereft of all control
I sank against your heart
And felt filled in full

Perhaps it’s not my place and yet I linger here
Not knowing what time now holds
Only that I shall always be near

In body, in soul, in hope, in love
Like a hurricane whose purpose
Cannot be judged

What destruction has passed, what beauty has bloomed
It was all destined to be
Impossible to undo

For what longer love has filled my soul
With all you’re unsure of
This is the one thing I know

Written at 9:44 p.m.