Bent Words

Bent Words

June 15, 2022

Man it was a hot one. I refuse the air conditioning unless it's nighttime so I had every window rolled down and whatever radio station on that didn't have commercials. My phone isn't linked with the car yet and the truck guzzles more gas than is financially reasonable, therefore, I have no songs to belt out along the way.

I have time to process thoughts, reflect on my, make observations.

And of course all the bikes are out. And of course I check every single one.

It's not a rubber necking thing; I just steal a glance and go along my merry way. Noted. Not the make or model but the position of the rider on the bike.

My heart beat OUT of my chest and I staid steadily on my rearview mirror until I was sure you weren't coming after me. Eyes forward, eyes forward, forward.

I'm not wearing any makeup and but I am wearing capris which I currently have unbuttoned because, although I lost a million pounds, I have gained a couple back over the winter and when I gain weight, it likes to secure itself to my belly rather than my boobs but I need to chill out about that or else I will be OBSESSED about it. No one will ride a motorcycle down this road due to the excessively obscene amount of road construction anyway so let's just calm the EFF DOWN and move on.

But I know it was you. I could spot your position a mile away. In a million days of observation over the years, it hasn't happened once, but it happened yesterday.

And if it wasn't you...

I wasn't wearing my glasses so it's not my fault.

Written at 1:31 p.m.