Bent Words

Bent Words

May 05, 2022

There is perhaps one person that could command me to relax and perhaps I would pause long enough to consider obliging. So if you're not him, don't say it. Don't look it with that finger you're bringing up close to your face. Don't even think. Or you will be the one relaxing...


Where in your history do you find you have ever been able to transform someone from a state of calamity into a state of calmness with one word? Basically, what I see, is that you regard me to be upset and all you need to do is to tell me not to be upset. About my child. About my child who is going through a tender situation for which I have lingered over for years on end.

If it were so easily garnered, I'd of snapped my fingers myself and made it so.

Yet, here we are...

Well, here I am anyway.

I'll be over it eventually but right now I want to bathe in the GRRRR of it and take you down a notch (internally, of course) with your lack of understanding. I just want to sit somewhere else, do something different and expel the story. With a beer. And a bitchin' burger.

I can't believe how difficult this all really is.

It's my fault. Usually is.

And I'm sad.


Written at 7:01 p.m.