Bent Words

Bent Words

March 14, 2021

Happy Friday Eve!

Almost there!


Have a great weekend!

You can EFF OFF, Weekend. I’m not a fan.

You never feed, bathe, cook for or entertain my kids. That is your JOB and yet here I am, picking up all the slack. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

“I’m boooooooooored!”

Yes, be bored. You can do it! Less TV and tablets, more sunshine and laughter. I didn’t have that crap as a kid nor did I have friends. Nature was my friend. I sang to the lake and explored the woods. I napped below trees and listened to the air ruffle the leaves. I went fishing, caught frogs and snakes, kept turtles and watched my bare feet sink into mud, sand, moss and grass. I read books and got messed up with leeches, poison ivy, mosquitos, red ants, bird’s nests, tree sap and gravel after falling off my bike. I swung myself into the lake from the fronds of willow trees and picked wild flowers for my mom. I ate the sweet little purple flowers from the side of the road and chives from my mother’s garden.

Yes, I also sat atop boat houses and even broken into a couple of them but they always looked so lonely and abandoned during the week without any flatlanders to occupy them. I found the skeletons of fish on the roof and smelled the rust and green growth from old boat landings.

I saw the sun rise and was usually home by the time it would set.

And if you’re really bored, I know what you need! A dust cloth and broom! That’ll do the trick. I could have used your help yesterday cleaning out the hot tub room, 3 bathrooms, one kitchen, half of a living room and half of one garage. I took the dog for several walks (the same dog YOU wanted, not me) and in the backyard we could have tossed a ball, a frisbee, a stick or have just sat on the deck watching the clouds roll by in a beautiful, sunny 60-degree day.

“Did you clean the toilet? You really should be using bleach to clean the bathrooms.”

I just blinked.

I have busted my fucking balls to clean and here you are, micro managing that?! Go back to work.

“If you feel I’m not doing things correctly, can you just take care of it in the middle of the night while you’re up scrolling Faceblob in the garage drinking and smoking and not tell me about it?”

My jaw is still sore from clenching my teeth.

“Can you maybe get Vodka at the store when you grab that cookie cake for E?”

He looked at me, pulled out his phone, smiled and began voice texting a friend.

“Umm, excuse me?”

“WHAT?! I’m trying to get the Oakley’s you wanted,” he snapped.

I walked away.

I cut up one cantaloupe, fed Mister, took Brynn outside, reprimanded E and her cousin for whatever it was they were doing and not ONCE did your brother get off the couch to offer to help. Instead, he was watching some lewd movie with swear words every other sentence. He did, however, ask me how was going and when I began to tell him, he walked away and went back to the couch to watch TV.

Your other brother arrived to work on his wife’s vehicle and after you got back with the tacos, I held Mister so everyone could eat. I began three sentences about my workout routine to see if he could offer advice and I was ignored for the vast majority of the conversation. He got out of my hands.

STFU Laura. What’s the point?

You forgot E’s cake and our family game night. You fucking lost it over fire sauce when I keep extra in an old coffee container in the pantry. Mister wouldn’t sleep so I stayed up with him until however late it was and I had nothing left for E but disappointment.

Screw you, Weekend! SHOVE IT!

Now off to the regularly scheduled work week in which I fuck everything I touch all the way up.

They tell me it’s a problem with the process; not the people but what are you going to say when I fuck up again?? How many chances do I get? I get to feeling good about myself and then reality smacks me in the face and l find myself sinking again. Just in time.

Written at 9:47 a.m.