Bent Words

Bent Words

November 08, 2020

This whole world has gone mad.


I keep picturing Bill Murray in Ghostbusters.

“Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!”

Nothing seems to fit. Nothing makes sense. Sense making and week ending has left the building. Joe Biden?! I will be working tomorrow despite my escape from the industry that made me work on Saturdays. I’ll be working from HOME until at least June 1st. NEXT YEAR. Obviously next year but it’s more poignant when I add that particular, isolated sentence.


And I don’t know if you want to discuss THIS year but, whoa. FUCK WHOA. What a year.

“Have I known you twenty seconds or twenty years?”

I see the outline every time I walk outside. The way that outline STOPS. The smile, the nervous energy. Just how it was and just how it is and you would think you could crumble the past in your fist but you can crunch SHIT. It won’t be crumbled up in a ball and tossed aside. Fires burn photos but it won’t break the memories. Time has no chance to take it away. Just exhale for a moment and it all catches up. With a SNAP of your fingers.

Cut the distance with a smile.

Slay the years with a song.

And if you dare, you might wonder where you belong.

Well, I do, anyway.

There won’t be another moment like this one. Nothing will fit quite so well ever again. The madness that made it, the tears that beg to be cried, the heart and the soul of something bigger than the world and tougher than time! Nothing and no one compares. It’s what it will always be. How every song’s lyrics SHOUT it out, how every bend in the road leads back to it and how every pair of headlights might be it.

Just where you were meant to be.

We won’t forget 2020, will we?

Written at 12:33 p.m.