Bent Words

Bent Words

October 09, 2020

Not to be a dick but I am O V E R it.

It’s National Coming Out day, Hispanic Heritage Month and I just had to sit through a 1.5 hour LECTURE about diversity and how we need to celebrate men and women of color. Why should I be celebrating them again? I mean, yeah, I celebrate myself on my birthday and all but I don’t have a special Polish Bitch Day. You want to celebrate than be my guest but don’t make ME out to be the bad guy because I don’t celebrate or madly support someone because of their color instead of their character. It’s not my obligation and I do NOT support groups of people unless they are purposeful, charitable and sacrificial.

We have rioting over another black man (boy) killed because of his color, not his temperament. Who cares that he had a gun on him, right? Color shouldn’t trump chaos. I don’t give a FUCK if you’re gay, white, Hispanic or my daughter. If you pull a gun out of your pants and fire at someone, I expect nothing less than for you to get gunned down. Would it suck and would it be tragic? Yes. It always is. Should we blame the representation of people charged with keeping us safe? NO. There’s always going to be bad people, bad cops, bad moms and bad decisions and NEVER should they be unjustly tried but that is the way life is sometimes. Unjust.

Use your peaceful and thought provoking logic to stand up and stand out rather then your forceful fist of anger. Burning buildings and breaking windows is not protesting; it is rioting. It is illegal and it doesn’t fix anything. Backward progress is not progress; it’s degeneration.

I remember when Matthew Sheppard’s mother visited Carroll. She told her son’s story with an eloquence I doubt I could ever maintain if the same thing happened to one of my children. She told it so that she could influence and educate. She told it because hate should never win, no matter what. She wasn’t looking for justification or closure (no closure could come of that); she just wanted people to know. TO KNOW and to care about human life. Despite all the obstacles we all face in our lives. She made her way through colleges and high schools and sporting events and in every town, she told her story so that she could promote hope and understanding.

So tell me your story but don’t expect me to listen if you’re shouting. Let me see inside your world but don’t mistake my hard work for ‘privilege’ because I have fought for this. It may not be much but it’s mine. Open my mind with your history but back the hell up with your idea of justice when I have no intention of holding anyone back. Give me your PURPOSE, not your sob story.

I get it. You’re trying to keep the peace. You’re trying to be fair. You’re trying to be inclusive and considerate but you are also creating a platform of complacency. You’re creating a world where no one has to work hard to get what they want because you think they deserve it somehow based on historical bias. You’re trying to set everyone up for success before they’ve hit 25 years of age without a resume of productivity. Lay out the red carpet for socialism!

You say it’s your environment holding you back, than you move. You say it’s generations of unfairness, then you break the fucking mold. You say you don’t have any money, than work harder! You say it’s unknowable for me to see what you’ve been through, then you tell me and we’ll talk.

I’m all for diversity. It’s our unique skills that influence the world and inspire hope, passion and beauty. But don’t blame me for your past or charge me with your future. I shouldn’t have to fear you to hear you. And that’s what it feels like. Everyone’s trying desperately to make sure the world knows their stance on racism, sexism and injustice so they won’t get their business burned or shot up next.

Here's your piece of the cake! Thanks for doing nothing to earn it but stand there and look colorful.

Written at 11:43 a.m.