Bent Words

Bent Words

December 27, 2012

At three months, you're brilliant (even more so, I should say).

You've been holding up that pretty little head since… well, since we can remember. You're standing with assistance (and oh so proud of yourself for it) and laughing a full little laugh that's worth sharing with the world. Your daycare providers adore you and the boisterous woman from the four-year-old’s room calls you her favorite little girl -- she spends her lunch hour with you as though there were nowhere else she'd rather be.

I wake up an hour and a half to two hours before you to get ready in the morning and when it's your turn to start stirring about, I pick you up and wait for the most precious moment of my day -- your sleepy, little toothless smile. You're a morning baby, just like I was.

You're still in your bassinet despite the fact that you sleep with me most of the night. We are about to transition you to the crib and it breaks my heart to think if you so far away.


One week shy of four months old and you're taking the transition to the crib better than your mommy. Two days you have slept until almost 4am, much to my delight, but when it's time to feed you, I'm happy to keep you snuggled in next to me until I have to get up.

You've found your toes and so now there's two of us whose favorite body part is your cute little beets.

Your great grandpa Johnson would have turned 100 yesterday and we all wish you could have met him. Your grandma Johnson says you're such a little angel that she's sure he has met you already. Your great grandma would have loved you to pieces too.

Today daddy took care of you all day and you both visited me at work. You saw my desk and met my coworkers -- none of them wanted to put you down and Kim, my boss, rocked you to sleep while I showed daddy the cafe and fed him some chicken. Kim loves you very much, too.

Tonight we're alone together because daddy's gone hunting but I know he misses you more than words can say. And I miss daddy despite the fact that he always falls asleep in the living room until you wake up very late at night. You're a hungry little peanut.


At four months, and just a bit before, you became interested in “big people food” so we started giving you cereal. By the end of the first meal, you got the hang of the spoon and so soon we began introducing veggies. Although you’ve had many veggies more than once, you still make a funny face every time we give you your first bite. Fruits have quickly followed and you get mad when momma doesn't share her water.

You discovered the kitties and follow them all over the room with your eyes, craning your head to follow them off into another room. Pumpkin seems interested in you so you reach out for her all the time and sometimes grab her so tightly she backs up or swats at you. We have figured out how to make you laugh in a fairly consistent manner and Grandma Johnson knows how to make you giggle, too. You think your momma's silly and laugh at her when she takes ten minutes to change your diaper.


At almost exactly five months, you’ve learned how to jump. You love to bounce about in your jumper and grin from ear to ear when we put you in the bouncing walker at daycare. We have video proof of your accolades and believe you to be “most advanced.”

You just learned to raise your arms out for mommy to pick you up. I’ve been “training” you for only a week, you smart little Sweet Pea! I’m hoping you will continue to melt my heart by reaching out for your Momma.

You've started shaking your head back and forth (no) because you've figured out you can and now when you squeak, the whole house (and perhaps those walking by outside) can hear. You've begun folding yourself entirely in half so you can suck on your toes so I let them out of your jammies every chance I get.

You adore apples.

You’ve been fussier than usual lately so I wonder, especially with your excessive drool, if you’re teething. I swear I feel a bump in your little gums. Or perhaps it’s a growth spurt since you seem to be hungry all the time as of late. You won’t sleep through the night and it’s partially Momma’s fault for keeping you in our room at night but I’m always afraid the crib room is too cold. Plus there’s nothing like looking to my left and seeing your profile as you sleep soundly next to me. I’m hoping, however, to get you to sleep better soon.

We started packing veggies for you at daycare and you’re SUCH a pro at eating that Barb was able to feed you half a container of squash in the morning. You followed that up with half a container of carrots last night and although you were asleep before Daddy got home, he bought you your own little sippy cup so you can drink water now just like your Momma.

You’ve had your very first Christmas and although you won’t quite recall the highlights, I can tell you that you are going to be one excellent unwrapper of gifts! Try, Dear, not to eat the paper in the future…

Your Mommy and Daddy agree that you are best gift we could have received for Christmas.

Written at 10:10 a.m.