Bent Words

Bent Words

November 05, 2010

I agree with how sad it is that so many people shifted views when their wishes of instant gratification weren't granted. I agree that more people should have been proactive in their right to vote (including myself -- I did vote but was not nearly as well informed as I could have been).

But the thing I hate about politics, and REFUSE to join in on, is the name calling. The "right" and "wrong." The malice and the contempt. The absolute disregard for another point of view. The intent of violently persuading me to embrace someone else's beliefs. Berating me for my values.

When it's abused in that manner, it's nearly as disgusting to me as religion.

I think the author stooped down to the same low level which many of my right-wing co-workers have as of late and it's disgusting.

I had a co-worker (albeit jestingly) point at me and call me a Democrat as though I had committed some sort of crime after he heard me discussing health care with another employee. I let him have his little joke. I didn't bother explaining to him that I don't consider myself a Democrat. I haven't placed myself into a Republican box either. Independent, moderate? Whatever.

What does it matter when that simply seems to me like more name calling?

I merely have certain values which happen to be shared or refuted by those in, or potentially in, power.

I don't have to persuade you with threatening words to join my "side." I don't have to belittle you to make a point. You're a big person now and have earned the right vote/pray/eat/believe as you wish. You can have your views, as different from my own as they might be, and still be my friend. Or not. Doesn't matter. You can do as you like but, the moment you begin disrespecting me as a thoughtful human being, I would have to earnestly request that you shut the hell up and keep your opinions to the voting booth at your local City Hall.

Thank GOD the elections, as well as the endless political phone calls, are over with...

Written at 6:17 p.m.