Bent Words

Bent Words

November 16, 2009

what of words can chronicle all the days
in which we toiled in an uncertain haze
remiss that nothing we could give
would make him well enough to live

what of tears can convey the sorrow
that in each evening crept the morrow
pulling strength from deep within
knowing there was no giving in

what of stories could describe the pain
of a body beaten in this vital campaign
of a sleepless night and an endless mile
a mother's tears, an incognizant child

but hope be brilliant! hope is all!
it carries us though we feel so small
and hope for him I've held on, strong
for Here is where his soul belongs

so what of recognition can we give all this
knowing her who is his savior, his altruist
what of acclaim and what of cheer
does his benefactor not deserve to hear

just what of words can carry all the days
upon which we rest our fervent praise
and what of complete thanks can we give
unless thank you means the life he lives....

Thank you Karin for your gift of love and life -- you may never know just how many darkened days you've touched with light, how many hearts you've lifted or just how many lives you've healed... or perhaps you know exactly.

Written at 6:42 p.m.