Bent Words

Bent Words

January 01, 2009

You've got me fascinated and graduated; waiting for a response and a deep congratulation.
I've no hats to throw but I have this bottle of bubbles chilling solitary in the fridge.

I'm fired up for nothing, holding onto whatever's next and hoping for a lengthly re-visitation.
I know it's just shy of impossible but you're where I wish to place the memory of my dreams.

You've got me looking for more, asking what all this is for and holding my breath miles from outside your door.
What you had, I want; with a dash of the notion that I won't lose it before I'm ready and you know I'll never be ready for that.

I'm looking over my shoulder, willing the world for that moment, designing the meeting in my mind.
Hoping you'll be there just because I'm ready and happen to be dressed right.

You've got me dazzled by your intrusion -- it was the middle of the night and you must have infiltrated my dreams for spite.
Or perhaps you just wanted to say hello; either way, it was certainly good to see you.

Sitting with my arms wrapped about my knees, warmer because I know that you'll go on living even without me.
I wonder what we could be like now that we know the very soul that once made us complete.

You've got me twisted and tumbling, my forehead to yours in a dream spinning with absolute elation.
It's good to see you and it would be even better if we were stumbling over the reality of it all.

All this I want to share with you.

Written at 11:21 p.m.