Bent Words

Bent Words

July 18, 2008

Did I miss something?

Havenít spoken to you for days and suddenly you spring on me a call. You tell me youíre heading out for Dead Fish Day, that all these people will be there, that youíre going to have a beer after working hard all week and then you quickly close it off by stating that you were ďjust checkiní in.Ē


Was that an invite or merely an informative chat? Were you indirectly hoping Iíd join you by dangling a fish fry in front of me or was it only a call to say hi and ďlooky here what Iím doing tonightĒ? Iím confused.

Did the sagacity of the moment just miss me or what?

Did I just not sound enthused enough? If thatís the case, Iím sorry Ė it was a long stupid day filled with horribly annoying stupid people who insisted upon imparting superfluous stupid things. I havenít slept well for two nights running and I have to get up super stupid early for work tomorrow. So if I didnít catch your drift, if I missed the boat you were getting on, if I somehow let the plane pass by unnoticed Ė Iím sorry. I really am. I suppose Iím just out of it.

But if you werenít inviting me out in the first place, well, than Iím sorry for assuming as much (albeit a wee bit too late).

Iím just tired.

And cranky.

So I missed your meaning.

And I missed out on Dead Fish.

Stupid day.

Written at 9:34 p.m.