Bent Words

Bent Words

March 17, 2008

The best part about being here -- I've finally got something up on you guys.

I can sit outside without having to guard against the cold, wearing a t-shirt and lounge pants, the palm leaves rustling against the breeze, the cheers of volleyball players still going under the lights just beyond the pool I've utilized twice today, a St. Patty's Day crowd gathered yet on the patio down the road, a good 1400 miles away from your 'wintry mix.'

I don't have to worry about the unanswered eBay questions at work (though I do), calculate how long I will have to stay awake in order to finish another chapter or hope to higher powers that I'll have enough cash in my account for dinner. I don't have to tip toe around your current moods or think around your schedules -- hurrying here or thinking ahead to there. I'm not bent against your will or twisted in your misplaced frustration.

You're still in my head but at least you're not still in my state.

Whatever it is that you expect of me yet never relate, whatever it is that you're disappointed in but never put words to, whatever it is you were thinking yet never got around to pointing out; I don't care. I've got a filet and scallops to thinking about grilling, sunshine which demands my attention and few more laps to get in before the day is done. I've got to remember to put more sunscreen on my face and choose which outdoor restaurant I want occupy for my birthday. I've got another RBV to finish before I head out to the beach...

So allow me a few more hours of 'anything but there' before I have to have to fall back into that singular march.

Give me a little credit for 8 years dedication and yet this lack of want. Give me a bonus for somehow making it mostly on my own. Give me a bit of slack for carrying my own weight plus a more. Give me a pat on the back for... for the hell of it.

Written at 11:40 p.m.