Bent Words

Bent Words

November 23, 2007

Yesterday was your blue sky
Stretching out against the cold
Matching the color of your eyes
Letting me into their fold
And I am thankful

Sitting down to a full table
How I longed to let it out
Yet I know I am not able
Holding in what Iím about
But I am thankful

Wrapping it around, all inside
Watching you from where I am
Hoping youíll walk outside
And find me if you can
I would be thankful

Losing your fingers in mine
Following the winding road
Driving down another time
That we never could let go
I was always thankful

Still waiting to let you know
Things I did not know then
Things I was scared to show
Would never take hold again
And you would be so thankful

The moments fell, you were down
But life could never take you
I watched you stand your ground
I watched you walk on through
And I am thankful

Yesterday was yours
A new blue within your eyes
A day which I adore
Standing bold beneath your sky
For you
I am ever thankful

Written at 8:11 p.m.