Bent Words

Bent Words

October 28, 2007

Eyes That Dance
Thomas Wolfe

Eyes that dance, hint of romance, that darting glance, wants another chance

Shapely mouth a chatter, makes hearts a patter, does it all matter, each live’s almost shatter

Fingers brush his skin, kindred souls leaps within, sound reaches deaf din, soaking the moment in.

Time stood still, testing one’s will, engage all thy skill, make only presence fill

Put destined outlook aside, stem the emotional tide, extend this choppy ride, love neither can hide


Twisted in trepidation
'Carefully' covered our tracks
Afraid of what we’ll see
The moment that we stop
Turn around and look back

Lost to savored bits of insanity
The moments we cannot embrace
Borrowing against another’s time
For we have none reserved
Relinquish one another to the race

Shove aside the clouds
Shiver off the cold
Claim we can see through
The merciless night
Before it folds

Gather ourselves so quickly
Relent before we’re found
In a place so stolen away
As we are
Or as the world gathers round

Written at 10:05 p.m.