Bent Words

Bent Words

April 16, 2007

Your tenderness, like sunshine
In the middle of the winter
Brighter than anything Iíd seen
And you were repeating
ďThis just doesnít happen to meĒ
As though it were a dream

Your smile, like fresh air
The first that flows with spring
Beyond anything Iíve known
And all I had to do
Such a small sacrifice
My heart, for a little bit of hope

Your curiosity, like wonder
Burning for more knowledge
I watched you as you listened
Until you could comprehend
The meaning of my words
As though they should have no end

Your patience, like an anchor
Security, finally and at last
Perhaps I spoke to soon
What greatness could thrive
While youíre just driving by
And Iím heading for the moon

Your life, like a gift
I never could deserve
More than I had hoped for
More than the world
Wrapped in your arms
The two of us adored

Written at 8:53 p.m.