Bent Words

Bent Words

March 13, 2007

And I should forget…

Riding into a sunset together on bicycles or motorcycles, side by side, or just behind.

Kisses in the morning, “sleep well?” and cuddling against the clock.

Family and friends that I have come so close to knowing.

Dates on the calendar, minutes that pass me by, days that seem to lie, waiting.

The worry and the wonder, the investment and the intrigue, the adoration and adjusting.

I was told that I should keep my heart hidden…

From glimpses of hope, “hope you are well,” and “here’s hoping.”

From laughter that isn’t mine, moments we’ve wasted and watching the time.

From half hidden caresses, a glance in my direction and wandering second guesses.

From all that I remember.

How do you stop it?

Caring or cursing? Going with it or carefully rehearsing?

Loving the life you’ve been given or taking the road which no one has ridden?

Giving up or giving in? Turning complacent or finding something to believe in?

Is it too late or is it too early to tell? If only we held on, through these pieces of hell.

Keeping it hidden or wanting to share? Hoping it matter or hoping you care?

I’m always caught in that place in the middle…

Written at 11:50 p.m.