Bent Words

Bent Words

March 02, 2007

Take the route we once walked together
The bed where we once held each other
Show me the burden of our bliss
Make it real for all our years
Tell me we can do all this

Forget the shallow ends that fold
Forget the same old, not so old
Take the path less ridden
I will be right there
Half heart hidden

Run yourself less in all these circles
Make it seem like another miracle
So we could end up there, too
You only have to believe
All of me for all of you

Rush to the stars where we sat forever
What does this mean, us, together
Love, is that what you meant?
When you couldnít last
Half broken, hell bent

Talk about the things we used to say
When everything went our way
And tell me, is it all a waste
When you love someone
How does that taste?

Perhaps the questions can only rain
Perhaps a girl will only go insane
When answers canít be spoken
And all that we have left
Is all we have broken

Give me one more moment to declare
That fact that all of this is so unfair
Iíve walked along, not so right
Wondering how it could end
With just one, endless fight

But if you take the route we walked together
Listened to how I said we could never
Just say good-bye without strife
Maybe you would be here now
Living in this lovely lifeÖ

Written at 11:16 p.m.