Bent Words

Bent Words

March 01, 2007

Back in the saddle again… kind of.

Two weeks ago, I went out with the guys at the shop to ‘celebrate’ the departure of one of the salesman. We call our dearly departed, professionally speaking, Habz because he has a ridiculous last name which no one in their right mind, or otherwise as seems fitting for the vast majority, would attempt to pronounce. It was a sad event but a good evening.

The ex-finance manager grabbed every ass of the male persuasion, the Parts Manager’s wife showed us her new rack (and even made some money as a result) and the owner, Tom, was more than willing to buy everyone’s drinks. Or, at least mine, as I had no money and merely asked the bartender to throw it on his tab. In between strip shows and Jaeger Bombs, it was made apparent that Tom wanted me to return to my position as Whatever We Need At Any Given Time At The Motorcycle Shop. I said yes. Ish.

The following Tuesday, I sat down with the Parts Manager at the shop. He, Zach, was eager to get a friendly face behind the counter and his wife, Becky, was eager to have someone in her midst who despises shopping as much as she does. In consideration to my six non-consecutive years at the shop, I only truly qualify for the latter portion of the above statement.

But I needed a job.

While in negotiations regarding pay, I decided to let the boys sit on their offer for awhile. I was somewhat unprepared to return for less money than I had been making only four months previous. And my resistance proved to be fruitful.

I happened to stroll in on the warmest day of the new year last week when the shop happened to be the most busy it has been since last August. Everyone had a customer. Tom, the owner, caught my eye and began shaking me right on the sales floor.

“We need you, Laura,” he said.

I must confess I melt when men say things like that.

“Give me an extra dollar an hour and I’m there, Tom.”


Just. Like. That.

So I started on Monday. Eleven hours. Behind a parts counter without a net. I handled three problems in the Finance Department, one administrative question, worked up one deal on a leftover 2004 Honda VFR and sold the oldest helmet in the building (for full retail price). I found spark plugs for a snow thrower, tire chains for an ATV and stocked in two units.

I should be GM. I should have asked for more money. Three days and I already deserve a raise. It’s like being hired as a maid and then being asked to build a tree house for the kiddies. WTF?

But, as usual, it’s good to be needed. It’s good to be back…

Written at 4:55 p.m.