Bent Words

Bent Words

October 27, 2006

You may as well have walked away
The fire lost from your Brandy eyes
Replaced by shards of broken mirrors
The forgotten words we once could say

I'll take another turn from reality...

What's left, when hate is all I see
The imperfection of a life in love
Knowing I could never simply settle
For the restlessness of what could be

Pausing so you'll understand...

The desperation of yet another day
Wanting and waiting for them to fade
Walk on mountains for a moment's peace
Without repose where I used to lay

Again I shout alone...

Now no one hears
All the things I cannot impart
I am lonliest when I'm with you
If you recall my utmost fears


What are we in it for
If not to rise above our prejudice?
How can we live if we don't forgive?
I have simply found nothing more

Look into the past...

I never cared to write "The End"
From this I see little reward
What could end a bond of friendship
When wind demands the world should bend?

If you desire...

Laughter rings to slowly fade
Born again but not today
Let what could be slip away
The grander notions to die with rage

Than YOU have won your little game...

Written at 10:55 p.m.