Bent Words

Bent Words

August 18, 2006

Did you see the smile that hit my eyes?
When you turned to tell me of my beauty
The color of my expression
Adorned the impressiveness of our purity

With fingers reaching and hearts still yearning
We marched across the beginning
Wondering what the other would say
Never imagining that there could be an ending

Did you have a chance to catch my confidence?
In all the pleasures of your praise
The gentleness of the your lasting stare
Each contemplation for each written phrase

Happiness embraced at every cessation
In time to catch the waves we rode upon, too
Full of emotion when you might be the one
The moment that nothing else could be so true

Did you catch the resounding laughter in my voice?
When you knew exactly when to hold on tight
The perfection of being together
Never feeling the struggle for the fight

With a memory locked on the dreams given to me
I turn toward the window and wait for you
And silently hope the night will return
Return to me the man I once knew…

Written at 9:24 p.m.