Bent Words

Bent Words

August 09, 2006

So you carry your little sack of hopes and dreams around, slung over your shoulder, not like a continental soldier, but like a person hellbent on a mission to secure happiness and harmony. Perhaps it is, then, not unlike a continental soldier, but without the whole Revolutiony thing looming in the foreground.

And I must digress before reaching the conclusion of my first paragraph...

As I was saying, this sack of hopes and dreams consists of the incomplete content of your life thus far. It is filled with the promises you have made to yourself, the very volition of the mistakes you have made and it has been sorted through, prioritized and set aside for as long as you can remember. it is your little secret and it is your informal proclamation to the world. It is your heart, your fantasy, your fear and part of your disdain for past events.

Sometimes, it's all you've got.

It doesn't have to contain reality or sanity or partiality or fact -- it's just you. It's your freedom and your will and your knowledge. And hopefully you can rise to the challenge, someday, of actually attaining these scattered dreams and wishes. At least some of them and at least the ones you've chosen to never let go of.

I, myself, hope to create a roller skating rink in the basement of my future four-car garage home. I'd like to go to the Zoo and sit on a Spanish island where I am served drinks and fresh food from the sea. I would like ideas to consistently spill from my pen and to always be able to tantalize my readers. I would like to, JUST ONCE, be invited to a golf outing so that I might relish in that which is the Moving Bar.

I don't golf, I just like the idea of it all.

All of these hopes and dreams are things that I know I could learn to live without. But what I cannot fathom being deficient of is the hope of peace and happiness.

I cannot imagine persisting in a world without passion or patience. More precisely, I cannot picture myself accepting less than that for an extended period of time. I deserve these things and I deserve them because I have worked hard for them. I have worked hard to be a happy, optimistic and loving person.

Not to insinuate that I have not made mistakes, but such is life. Perfection is unattainable but the acceptance of imperfection is not. That is very much within my reach and within the reach of others. That is a viable hope and worthwhile dream and it is a reality that must be conquered in one who truly desires peace and contentment.

If you cannot achieve this, you're merely backpedaling deeper into space. Into some void where hopes and dreams are deemed unnecessary altogether. And what kind of a world is that?

I'm just saying...

Written at 7:13 p.m.