Bent Words

Bent Words

May 18, 2006

Grant me the smiles that only us three can carry

Where the warm summer sinks
Into skies of pure gold
And no one grows weary
Of stories twice told

Give me the ground upon which solid feet stand

Where laughter still echoes
Though I am not home
And the old Lake still mirrors
All the love we have known

Allow me the strength of your bold intuition

Where revelations are made
Sound advice is given
And my soul never wants
For something to believe in

Hand me the keys to my heaven on earth

Where warmth is celebrated
In melodious song
And nobody wonders
If they truly belong

Permit me a moment, for a million years more

To stand on these steps
Knowing you’re waiting
With arms open wide
And forever inviting

Grant me the perfection that only us three can know

Where in each other’s company
The world is our own
Like a secret society
Within this grand Johnson Home…

Written at 10:36 p.m.