Bent Words

Bent Words

May 09, 2006

Well, school's out. Finally. I finished my last exam last night in record time. But that's only because I had no idea what half the answers were. There should be no such thing as a "current events" section on an exam. Especially if the question pertains to that one chick's sister who went psycho on cocaine and burned her two nephews alive in a locked bathroom.

Nothing like leaving your last day of school on a positive note, huh?

So now I'm back with the same old motorcycle gang at the shop, working full-time. Well, I shouldn't call it "the same old gang" since the new group of grease monkeys I currently work with has pretty much rotated three times in my last semester of school. We're in a new building, though, and that's interesting.

We were able to get the new building only because the guy who made the Milwaukee One Book or the Yellow Pages (with the walking fingers) decided to cough up the cash so we could get a new place. It's cool -- we have three extra parking stalls than the last place had.

I'd give you directions on how to get to the place, but you'd still get lost and, to be quite honest, I couldn't pick out Idaho on one of those puzzle maps.

I am geographically and mathematically inept because when God made mapquest and calculators, I just didn't see the point in learning.

There's this new guy at the shop who really scares me. There's another guy who kinda scares me, but the new parts guy really takes the cake. He has flaming red hair, satanic blue eyes and the most disproportionate head I've ever seen. I can barely look at him because when he looks back at me, his eyes get wide and I cannot help but feel as though he's trying to mentally melt my brain. Other than than, he seems like a fairly nice guy.

The guy who kinda scares me is in sales. He doesn't have a motorcycle license. Hell, he doesn't know where the clutch is. I saw another salesman showing him how to shift a sport ATV the other day. When he finally got it, he rammed another ATV into two that were in front of him. That ATV didn't even have a clutch. At least no damage was done -- unless the poor boy actually had an ego once.

I decided to skip the McDonald's salary Sales Gig and become a highly revered Receptionist. People may laugh, but I get paid more than the Sales Monkeys and I don't have to talk to all the assholes who call and ask for the lowest price on the latest Sport Bike/ATV/Cruiser. I also don't have to remember a plethora of price lists, fight with my sarcastic Sales Manager or receive absolutely no training or support because I'm just a girl who helps the accountant and answers phones.

That's how I make myself feel better that I am now merely a receptionist.

Well, that's all for now. We're going to Two Wheel Tuesday. Oh and if you're in the market for a bike, drop by and say hi! I still have my sales license. And it's likely I'll be rotated into finance again. Just can't stay away from the motorcycle gig...

Written at 6:55 p.m.